The smart key cover that reminds you whether or not your door is locked and helps you track your keys.

Meet SureKey

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Are you sure you locked the door?


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If you’re worried whether your door is locked or not, you just need to look at the device - it’s that simple. No need to check an app on your phone. 


Enable the auto key finder if you frequently misplace your keys. The device will generate a periodic sound to locate your keys when they’re left somewhere other than a key hanger. You’ll never lose your keys again!  


SureKey will detect that you left the key in the door and notify you by sound. You can also enable a notification that you left unlocked door on the inside of the door after opening it.


“Did I lock the door?” 30 % people wonder after they leave home. This is a known short-term memory problem resulting from the automation of everyday activities. You can go back and check your lock or save your time and increase your confidence with SureKey. 


How It Works?

Thanks to the advanced MEMS (microelectromechanical system) sensor, SureKey tracks every movement of your key, no matter how small, in 3D by accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.  Once you put in your key in the lock, the MEMS sensor wakes up the processor to analyze movement.  No random motion can precisely repeat a key rotation in a lock, so there is no risk of an incorrect status.

When you want to check the current status, you just need to look at the device. The MEMS sends a notification to the processor that the position was changed to horizontal relating to the ground or was quickly rotated, indicated locked or unlocked. 


SureKey VS Smart Locks


To recap - SmartLocks make life easier, but they cost more to buy, have inherent security risks, and you still need a physical key and have to replace the battery often. SureKey doesn’t send your lock status anywhere, so you don’t need to worry that a hacker could track you to rob your home.


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